Creating your dream residence is no easy task. Anne Bondarenko, interior designer, decorator and founder of Studio NOO Design, provides the guidance that ensures, not just a quality decor, but the interior of your dreams. If you are building, remodeling or just updating your residence in Montreal and around, Anne is delighted to be of assistance with professionalism, since 1996.
She also believes that a successful home design is not only good to the eye and functional, but also a creative reflection of your way of life. Her great sense of style and dynamism has given her the opportunity of developing great relationships with many clients who remain truthful after many years.

Regardless of the size or style of your house, Studio NOO Design will develop a partnership with you to ensure that the designing process will lead to the ambiance that you want to express throughout your home. Anne also will provide a step by step professional guidance in the blending of the many elements that will create the decor for each room, leading to the whole atmosphere of your home. Her support is available to you throughout every phase of the home design project, for window treatments, decoration, color consultation, furniture design or a complete remodeling of your interior, kitchen or bathroom. She can also provide assistance on the job site, managing work from plans to completion.

Anne Bondarenko
Studio NOO Design Inc.

Tel: 514 576-0542